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Welcome to our AI Art gallery, where creativity meets technology! We invite artists, enthusiasts, and curious minds to contribute to our growing collection of AI-generated masterpieces. Whether you're a seasoned AI artist or trying it out for the first time, we want to showcase your unique creations.

How to Submit Your AI Art
Submitting your AI Art is easy! Simply follow the steps below:

Create Your AI Art:
Use your preferred AI art generation tool or algorithm to craft a visually stunning piece of art.

Compose an Email:
Open your email client and send an email to with the subject line as your image title.

Attach Your Artwork:
Please attach your AI-generated image to the email. Ensure that the file size is under 5MB for a smooth submission process.

Add a Description or Prompt (Optional):
Feel free to include a description or prompt for your artwork in the body of the email. Share your inspiration or any special meaning behind the piece.

No Email Signatures:
To ensure a clean presentation of your artwork, please remove any email signatures, as the body content may be published as-is.

Send Your Submission:
Click on the following link to open your email client with the pre-filled details:

Terms and Conditions
By submitting your AI Art, you agree to our Terms and Conditions for publication. We reserve the right to curate submissions and may not publish all entries.

Thank you for being a part of our AI Art community! We look forward to showcasing your creativity on our platform.

Happy creating!

The Curious Penguins Team